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Zeugfärberei is an experimental textile workshop with a focus on dyeing and printing. It is an initiative to enable and revive blue printing in Gutau and a joint project around textile design to combine old and new techniques and much more.

In Gutau, the traditional blue print was produced until the middle of the 20th century, as evidenced by the Dyer Museum. Directly opposite is the Old School, and there we are on the trail of the secrets of this craft.

Zeugfärberei is an association. We are a small, open group of people who have brought together an interest in textile design, historical techniques and do-it-yourself.
The market town of Gutau kindly provides us with the premises (as part of Otelo Gutau).
In the zeugfärberei there are two indigo vats for blue dyeing, and there is also the possibility of dyeing with other natural dyes or reactive dyes.

We mainly use the printing table for screen printing and stencil printing, because we only have a few hand print models. Printing is done with cardboard (the reserve paste for indigo dyeing, in our case a rice bran cardboard), or with different textile colors on fabrics and finished pieces, but also paper, etc.

The focus of the zeugfärberei is not on production, but on joint action and knowledge transfer of the experience gained over time:

We offer interested individuals and groups blue printing, shibori and screen printing workshops and also organize an open experimental workshop every last Sunday of the month, where everyone can try out what interests them and is possible in our workshop.
In addition, the workshop can also be used for small in-house productions after an introductory workshop and mutual sympathy of individuals or groups.

Contact: zeug (at) zeugfaerberei.at
Languages: german and English